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Please note due to changes related to the current pandemic, sessions will be held via Zoom or Skype video call for the foreseeable future. These are private 1:1 sessions of 50 minutes duration. If you haven’t used Zoom or Skype before, please don’t let this be a barrier or worry you. I can explain how to join the video consultation, or alternatively we can hold sessions by phone.

What to expect from a session

In our first session, I can answer any questions you might have and we can talk about how you feel and what you’d like to change. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable to discuss. We can then begin to work on the issue and start to shift your experience.

If you are new to EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique), in the first session we will walk through how to use EFT until you feel familiar with the process and then you can start to experience it in action.  At the end of the session, we will reflect on what you noticed, what you can do to continue at home (where appropriate) and check in on how the original issue has changed. Every session with each person is different, depending on what’s being worked through, but most clients will experience emotional shifts in each session they attend.

I may draw on several therapeutic approaches, where I think it would benefit you to do so. You can find out more about the approaches that I have trained in here.

How many sessions will I need?

EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) in particular, has had a reputation for ‘one minute wonders’ where one session of tapping has released long held phobias, distress or physical ailments. However, more commonly, a number of sessions will allow you to gently get to the root of the issue and let it go, finding emotional freedom from it. Each person manages their own therapeutic path and will know when their issue is fully resolved. Shifts towards this goal are usually felt in each and every session.

Session fees

£65 per 50 minute session via Zoom or Skype

Where are sessions held?

Appointments can be made at the Tree of Life Centre in Hove and at Revitalise in Brighton, UK

The Tree of Life Integrated Health Centre

Local in-person sessions are held at the beautiful Tree of Life Integrated Health Centre in Hove. The Tree of Life Centre is a short 10 minute drive from the heart of Brighton.

The Tree of Life Integrated Health Centre
143-145 Portland Road
East Sussex

Online Sessions

Online EFT sessions allow you to speak from a place that’s comfortable for you and at a time that fits in with your schedule. Remote EFT sessions are equally effective.

For most online sessions, we tend to use video as well as audio. However, if you are uncomfortable with being on video, that is absolutely fine. In this case, I tend to have my video on so that you can see me and follow the tapping points, but you can remain on audio in the privacy of your home.

Online sessions can be booked from 7:30am to 9pm UK time.

International Sessions

Skype sessions are available wherever you are based in the world.

Sessions can be arranged between 7:30am and 9pm UK time. You may wish to check for the equivalent local time in your area.

Sessions are held in English, however, if your English is limited, I can still work with you using EFT so please don’t see this as a barrier.

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