EFT Coaching

Do you have goals or dreams that you would love to fulfil? Do you hope for more but feel defeated when you think of it? Do your dreams feel just dreams, like it’s too big a gap to reach them from where you are now?

It doesn’t have to be. You can bring your dreams into reality but you might need help to make it happen. Often the blocks or ‘glass walls’ we experience when we think of our dreams and goals are emotional ones, or beliefs that we’ve created that don’t serve us anymore. We might not even know consciously what it is that’s stopping us; just a feeling of stuckness or procrastination when we think of taking steps towards where we want to go.

EFT coaching sessions will help you to break through those glass panels holding you on the wrong side of your future reality.

In EFT coaching, we start by talking about what you want and what’s getting in the way. Then, through tapping, we look at the emotions that are surrounding the direction of travel.  Often we didn’t know what these were consciously but they emerge as we tap. We tap through these until there’s a shift – when it happens, you’ll notice it yourself – and then we return to the goal. You might be amazed at how different it starts to feel.

There may be specific events that have happened in the past that need to be worked through (gently) and cleared to give you the freedom to move forward. Or it may be beliefs about yourself and what is possible that emerge. Whatever comes up, we tackle it and you get to move on. Simple. What a relief.

It’s frustrating being on the wrong side of the glass to your dreams. Book a session here and let’s crack it together so you can get on with manifesting what you want in your life.