EFT for weight loss and emotional eating

It’s tempting to try to reduce weight through managing food intake and diet, but it only goes so far. It can be very difficult to maintain weight loss when the emotional drivers for eating are still there, unheard.

With EFT, we don’t look at food directly.  We look at the emotions behind eating and that’s where we find the shifts. We let the tapping itself lead to where the emotions are most intense and gently and effectively release those feelings. This in itself can create a huge relief. For many people, it is a very long time overdue.

In tandem, we can work with the cravings head on, using EFT as a pattern break when the feelings kick in.

Recent research has shown how effective EFT can be for food cravings. And many people have found this approach has allowed them to finally move beyond their weight issues once and for all.

To start this change from the inside out, call me for a chat to talk about how EFT would support you. Or, jump in, book a first session and let’s get started now.