EFT for Stress

When you feel stressed, the body and mind can feel fast, tight and wound up. Thoughts can race, reminding you incessantly of things that you need to do, or you may find that you just can’t think as clearly as normal and feel confused and overwhelmed.

Our bodies begin to pay the toll of ongoing stress. Between feeling wired and agitated, and weary and exhausted, signs of stress can creep into our awareness in the form of recurrent or chronic physical symptoms such as headaches, sleeplessness or changes in appetite if sustained over time.

EFT can bring relief to these feelings. Most people notice a shift in their feelings during the first session.

You will being to feel the tension dissolving and a lightening of your body and your thoughts. EFT for stress can feel like finding your way back to yourself. Through the sessions, you will get back in touch with your centre and begin to find a more secure place of control.

Within your experience of stress, there are usually specific events or circumstances that come to mind when we start tapping with EFT. As we look at and process these, there is a generalisation effect and other areas of stress, become increasingly more manageable.  As we progress with EFT, you will find the build up of stressors comes down under control.

Sometimes current day stressors are also triggering emotions we still hold about things we thought we’d put behind us. In tapping, we may be reminded of these and work through them gently and effectively to release them once and for all.

If you are feeling stressed and harried, EFT is an empowering approach for coming back to a feeling of control and clarity. Sessions give you the space to breathe life and energy back into your life again and enjoy more of what you used to enjoy.

If you would like to find out how EFT could work for you, please call me for an informal chat on 07365 624610 or you can book a session here