Emotional De-Cluttering

Are there events in your life that still cause you sadness, anger, upset or shame when you think of them? The emotions that these events carry have a profound effect on how we feel in the here and now. With EFT sessions, you can let go of the hold these events still retain over you and find a full sense of freedom and peace.

Throughout life we experience events or incidences that may not serve us and this is particularly true when we are children and have less power to walk away.  When these things happen to us, we react, and an emotional imprint is stored in our memory.  Thinking back to these events now, you may feel some of the emotions you felt at the time such as anger, grief, sadness, embarrassment. These emotions weigh heavily in your system, affecting your behaviour at a subconscious level in present day. You may only notice their effect when certain situations trigger these old patterns.  Perhaps a work colleague speaks to you with a certain tone of voice (just as your mother did) or you are asked to make a presentation (which reminds you of presenting at school) and suddenly those past traumas make themselves known. You may over-react or experience intense anxiety that isn’t warranted by the situation.  To another person, that same behaviour may hardly have been registered at all, but for you, the discomfort is immediate – you’ve been hijacked by your past. These residual emotions from unprocessed life events create undue stress in our everyday lives.

With emotional de-cluttering, we gently find these past hurts and clear them up. Tapping takes us to the memories that need healing and we take the sting out of them gently and effectively with EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique). You will be able to notice the shift in the session as we work and you’ll feel a lot lighter when you think of those incidents again.

Once you start the process, you may be surprised how raw these past events still seem, despite the distance of time that’s passed before you.  EFT de-cluttering sessions will allow you to finally put these old hurts away and feel freer and lighter in your day to day life.

There’s no need to carry around the heavy baggage of your past. You can work through it and untether yourself from it and feel that sense of relief of being emotionally free.

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