About Sarah O’Malley

My training started with Medicine (two years), before I transferred to study Psychology at degree level.  I went on to study Health Psychology at Masters level, part of which allowed me to look at the research on mind-body interactions as they relate to health and healing (a research field called Psychoneuroimmunology). I received a distinction for my study in this area, particularly in relation to the impact of stress.

I took a dual path following these degrees, working professionally in leadership and staff development in international organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank and American Express whilst continuing to build and develop therapeutic skills at The Optimum Health Clinic and Energy Therapy Centre, London.

I first trained in EFT in 2007 and found it to be remarkable. I have since studied the approach thoroughly and diligently through hundreds of hours of in-person and online trainings with some of the best EFT trainers currently teaching worldwide such as Sue Beer, Emma Roberts, Gary Craig, Ashley Meyer and Carol Look.

I have now had over ten years of experience working with people with EFT which has been phenomenal. I have been fortunate to see the transformative impact of EFT in sessions as the energy behind troubling emotions is released. I consider EFT a gift and feel honoured to hold the space for people to to help them move beyond damaging past events and memories into a lighter and happier way of being.

Sarah O’Malley – Qualifications

Sarah is an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner based in Brighton & Hove. She is certified by EFT International and fully insured by Balens.

  • Medical training – first two years (before transfer to psychology), Aberdeen University

  • Degree in Psychology BSc (2:1), Newcastle University
  • Masters in Health Psychology MSc (Distinction), Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
  • Practitioner and Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming, The Optimum Health Clinic, London
  • Strengths Coach, The Gallup Organisation (for Standard Chartered Bank). Executive and personal coaching with a number of private, public and third sector organisations
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and coaching, The Optimum Health Clinic, London
  • Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Energy Therapy Centre, London
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy practitioner training. Specialist training undertaken in weight loss management
  • During my development as a practitioner I have also learned Reiki and Theta Healing. I previously co-hosted the Brighton and Hove Reiki Meetup Group

  • Professional Member of the EFT International

  • I am committed to Continued Professional Development and adhere to the EFT International professional code of conduct and ethics.