Every person who comes to see me is unique.  Each person is at the heart of the work I do and in responding to this uniqueness, I have studied and qualified in a number of cutting edge therapeutic approaches which I draw on depending on the issue presented.  I use EFT a great deal, having found this to be thorough and effective. You can read more about these therapies below.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT or ‘tapping’ has emerged in recent years as an extremely effective way to alleviate unwanted feelings. It works on the basis that emotions are stored as blocks in the energetic system of the body and are released through tapping on specific meridian points, as an emotional issue is recalled. Despite its unconventional approach, the results seen with EFT have made the medical and psychological professions take notice. It is now being widely researched in a number of medical faculties and scientific institutions internationally and has been incorporated into treatment in various NHS trusts in the UK.

I work with EFT for emotional issues (anxiety, stress, sadness, loss), phobias, physical symptoms, long term conditions and overcoming creative blocks.

EFT in the news

Neuro-linguistic Programming

In the 1970s, NLP’s originators Prof John Grinder and Richard Bandler asked the question: what were the top therapists of their time doing in their change-work that had such rapid results with clients? They studied the eminent psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, Milton Erikson, Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and Family Therapist Virginia Satir and others. Each time, they were looking for ‘the difference that made the difference’ to teach this to others.  What they discovered became the foundation of NLP as we know it. It offers some of the most generative change-work available, as well as deep insight into how our brains create our experience of the world around us.  It can be very effective for boosting confidence, preparing for future events and releasing phobias and allergies in particular.


Our subconscious minds store every memory that we have ever had and the learnings or rules that we’ve created based on these experiences. At times we don’t know why we are creating a behaviour that we don’t want, or responding the way we are to a situation. Despite logically trying to work it out, we can’t seem to change it. Hypnotherapy is very useful for relaxing into a state where the unconscious mind can provide insights into why we are operating the way we are and to come up with alternative ways that might work better for us. I use hypnotherapy in conjunction with NLP for a range of issues, particularly in coming to a place of greater ease with future events. Most people experience hypnosis as a warm relaxation; gently listening and aware throughout the processes we use, with a deep sense of relaxation afterwards.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

IEMT is a relatively new brief therapy enabling change to occur at a deep level in minimal time. Problems most often resolved with IEMT are those where a person may feel ‘stuck in the past’, experiencing emotions such as guilt, shame, anger or blame or with deep held beliefs such as ‘I am a failure’ or ‘I am not good enough’. It involves holding the problematic imagery in mind whilst the eyes are moved. Clients find that the imagery loses its emotional impact and becomes far less disturbing.  Like EFT, IEMT can be done entirely content-free, allowing people to have results with certain problems without talking about the issue or memory at all.


In coaching, there is space to explore what you would like out of the different areas of your life and how best to bring that to fruition. Coaching starts with where you are now and where you want to go in future. Through putting areas of your life under the lens, you develop greater awareness of your needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes which assist you in making change happen. You may need only a couple of coaching sessions to orientate you in the right direction, or you may want to have regular sessions as you progress with your plans to keep you on track. In coaching, we often draw on NLP to create more motivation and enthusiasm for the future and EFT to remove any stumbling blocks that need addressed on the way.

I have provided personal and health coaching, and executive coaching in a number of organisations. If you would like to discuss executive coaching, please contact me for more information.


Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing approach developed by Dr Mikao Usui.  Reiki sessions take a very different approach to cognitive therapies, and instead involve working on the body through energy work. The experience is of deep relaxation and rejuvenation, which de-stresses the mind and body and provides gentle healing. I continue to develop my connection with Reiki and co-host the Brighton and Hove Usui and Angelic Reiki Meetup Group.


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